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Felt Pen & Watercolor

PDF | 66Pages | 16.6MB
This book deals primarily with the combination of felt pen and watercolor. Felt pens are relative newcomers on the art scene; they are produced in different forms, with waterproof or water-soluble inks and wide, fine, or ultra-fine points. These choices offer many challenges (as do all art media). On the other hand, watercolor has been on the art scene for hundreds of years; though it has only been in recent years that it has become such a popular, exciting, major medium.

Landscape Painting in Watercolor


Winslow Homer WatercolorsNational Gallery of Art

PDF |268 | English | 44.4 MB
Traces the development of Homer as a watercolorist, shows a selection of his landscapes, seascapes, and portraits, and discusses his distinctive style and techniques.

The Watercolour Artist's Handbook

PDF |228 | English |  21.6 MB
The essential guide to creating beautiful watercolor paintings Includes practical hints and tips, covering all aspects of this medium, including style, subject, color composition, and materials. Features step-by-step demonstrations of both traditional and experimental techniques showing how to achieve a wide variety of effects. A perfect introduction for beginners, and a source of inspiration for seasoned lovers of the medium.

Watercolor Interpretations

PDF | 18MB | 164Pages

Creative Watercolor Techniques

In a clear, easy-to-follow text, accompanied by over 175 illustrations & 30 step-by-step demonstrations, the author shows how to use watercolor in different & creative ways to produce a whole new world of watercolor effects.

Watercolor Portraiture - A Practical Guide

Watercolor Portraiture - A Practical Guide
Dover Publications
PDF  | 212 | English |  30.2 MB
Few painting media offer the challenges and rich rewards of watercolor. The spontaneity and sparkling light effects achievable with this versatile method account for its continued popularity with art students, professionals and amateur artists, particularly for portraiture. In this concise, illustrated, moderately priced manual, written by three noted watercolorists and experienced teachers of art, the fundamentals of watercolor portraiture are explained in clear, practical lessons for amateur and professional artist alike. Beginning with a thorough description of the artist's materials and their proper care and storage, the authors then go on to provide detailed advice on setting up the palette, drawing, direct painting in black-and-white and color, figure and portrait "quickies," surface textures, the rough-brush method, wet blending and more. The informative text is abundantly illustrated throughout.


The Way of Chinese Painting

The Way of Chinese Painting

The Art of Painting Animals

PDF  | 210 | English |  35.6 MB
Thousands of years after man first recorded his impressions of animals on cave walls, artists are still attempting to reproduce images of these incredibly diverse creatures of land, sea, and air. This book by an award-winning artist is designed to aid painters at all skill levels to draw and paint wildlife with precision and accuracy.
Award-winning artist Fredric Sweney begins by using the horse as the basis for understanding the physical structure of animals, while the wild duck serves as the model for the configuration, wing construction, and flight characteristics of birds. More than 260 illustrations, along with step-by-step details, make it easier and more enjoyable than ever to paint a Noah's Ark of dogs, cats, oxen, deer, bears, birds, goats, and more exotic animals--in every size and shape.
An invaluable guide to zoological anatomy, ideal for beginners as well as advanced artists, this complete, practical reference will also serve as an excellent resource for resolving commonplace problems of artistic composition.

AirBrush Painting Techniques

PDF | 132 |  15.2 MB
Basic Airbrush Painting Techniques looks at how the airbrush can be used as a versatile painting tool with many different media and surfaces and in a variety of contexts. More than 30 specially devised step-by-step projects and exercises demonstrate how to apply different airbrush techniques.

Your Artist's Brain: Use the right side of your brain to draw and paint what you see - not what you think you see

 Epub, mobi| 11 Mb, 10.8 Mb
Overcome the obstacles to your artistic expression
Improving your artwork can be as simple as learning how to trust your eyes. Your Artist's Brain shows you how to portray even the most complex subjects by focusing on what you really see - not what you think you see.
Expert art instructor Carl Purcell shows you how to overcome dependency on the "intellectual brain" and listen carefully to the more observant "artist's brain."
With Your Artist's Brain, you'll learn visual skills and artistic techniques that will instantly make you a better artist, no matter what your medium.
- 22 step-by-step demonstrations on key relationships between shapes, spaces, subjects, backgrounds, angles, sizes, values and more
- Easy examples and fun exercises teaching you how to "see" and design great compositions
- "Points to Remember" sidebars that allow you to quickly grasp each concept
Maximize the power of your artist's brain today and embark on the path to creating better art.

Dreaming From the Journal Page: Transforming the Sketchbook to Art

North Light Books
    2012| epub | 6.4 Mb
The artist's journal is a great place to start a library of personal marks, doodles and ideas. The reader is introduced to basics such as choosing a journal and then immediately guided into techniques such as color mixing, drawing and a variety of surface designs. The reader is encouraged to experiment and play in the journal to try out new directions for creating works of art. The art journal becomes the starting point for bigger projects.
In addition to step-by-step techniques for working in a variety of media, each chapter features one or more jumping-off points to show the reader how to move out of the journal and onto an actual project. In the final chapter, Melanie steps out three journal spreads to show how many techniques learned previously are layered and worked together. By using the art journal in this way, the reader learns confidence in developing their ideas into tangible works of art.

Painting Weathered Buildings in Pen, Ink & Watercolor

Painting Weathered Buildings in Pen, Ink & Watercolor 
 9 Mb
An abundantly illustrated guide to the author's techniques for portraying weathered wood, cracked windowpanes, and other facets of old buildings.

Painting the Nude in Oils

 11 Mb
The nude has inspired artists for centuries and continues to inspire us today. Alongside a historical study of the nude in painting, this book introduces oil paint and gives advice on techniques when using this challenging and rewarding medium. Capturing the beauty of form and the delicate colours of the figure, it celebrates the powerful images that examine human relationships, personality and psychology. The topics included are instructions on materials, the colour palette and stretching your own canvas; the practicalities of working with a model in the studio; colour-mixing exercises that explore colour relationships and temperature, and finally step-by-step examples that demonstrate the progression of a painting. This beautiful and essential guide to painting the nude in oils is aimed at oil painters including beginners, more experienced, untutored groups, individual artists and art historians and is beautifully illustrated with 152 colour images.

Splash 15 - Creative Solutions: The Best of Watercolor

Epub|  13.8 Mb
In this 15th volume of the highly celebrated Splash series, 100+ of today's most accomplished watercolor artists share some of their favorite paintings and the "a-ha!" moments behind them.
These artists have found the perfect creative solutions for expressing their unique visions, e it a slice of urban life, a pure white peony, or something as elusive as the spirit of one very special dog. How to depict thousands of birds in flight? Start with a random application of masking fluid. Background competing with your subject? Summon the courage and go for an all-over wash. Searching for a distinctively un-postcard-like composition of Paris's most formidable landmark? Jump the fence peer through a rosebush, and voila!
Splash 15 is about novel approaches, beautiful accents, and fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants moments, all illustrated through brilliant work and anecdotal captions. Rejoice in the beauty and adaptability of the medium, as well as the ingenuity and passion of its artists. Maybe even discover fresh solutions for telling the kind of stories you want to tell with watercolor.

The Big Book of Watercolor Painting

PDF| 37.8MB | 194Pages
In this introduction to the basics of watercolor painting, beginners will learn all they need to know. Lessons and practical exercises highlight the instruction. This is a wonderful reference book for the watercolor painter. It contains all kinds of useful information to help you understand the medium and improve your knowledge and skills. The first 40 pages provide a great history of watercolor painting, so often overlooked in the overall scheme of art history. Then all the aspects of setting up a work area and studio are covered followed by a very thorough materials and tools section. There are example pictures and descriptions of everything from easels to paper and brushes to paint. There is also a paper stretching demo and a watercolor color chart.

Watercolor Painting Step-by-step

PDF | 136Pages | 31MB
Watercolor Painting Step-By-Step by Arthur L. Guptill is a primarily black-and-white book written in 1956. How does this book hold up as a reference in modern times? One might think that it's the technology that has changed in nearly sixty years. Surprisingly, much of what he writes is just the way it's always been. Watercolors are a classic activity and masterpieces were created centuries ago. We still use easels and brushes. We still create washes and use sponges to dab away at areas. If anything, it's lovely to see just how timeless this art form is.

The Oil Painting Book

The Oil Painting Book
PDF | 179>3MB | 274Pages
Without equal anywhere in print today, this is the most complete guide to oil painting materials, and how to use them to derive best results from the medium.

Painting Nature in Watercolor with Cathy Johnson: 37 Step-by-Step Demonstrations Using Watercolor Pencil and Paint

EPUB | 15.5MB
Breathe fresh air into your watercolors! Capture the wonders of nature!
From crashing waves to sculptured deserts, from grand sunsets to humble wildflowers, from backyard discoveries to exotic getaways, the natural world offers inspiration enough for a lifetime! In this book, one of today's premier nature artists shows you how to make the most of it. Within an inviting, sketchbook-style format, you'll learn how to capture nature's treasures using watercolor pencils and paint.
Inside you'll find:
- A chapter-by-chapter exploration of five diverse landscape themes: forests, water, meadows, mountains and deserts.
- 37 step-by-step demonstrations from two of Johnson's most beloved books, Creating Nature in Watercolor and Watercolor Pencil Magic.
- Johnson's favorite tips for capturing a variety of textures and subjects, including plants, trees, water, wildlife, rock formations, seasonal variations and more.
- A wealth of expert advice on gathering reference materials, assembling your own field kit, painting people in nature, and much more.
Embark on a creative adventure as you experiment with new techniques, discover fresh subjects, and hone your powers of observation. Your resulting paintings and sketches will transport you to cherished moments and places worth remembering.

The Watercolorist's Essential Notebook: Landscapes

PDF | 11.8MB | 144Pages
Painting with watercolors gives you endless opportunities to create the world you want. You choose whether to let the sun blaze or the rain pour, to move a maple tree here or make the trail wind over there, to subdue a hillside with quiet greens or make a forest glow with dazzling golds and reds. It's not only a matter of what to paint, but how to go about painting it.
This book examines, one at a time, the three major elements of landscape painting: water, sky and land. You will be encouraged to try numerous ways of painting each one. Then you can choose the methods that best express how the outdoors speaks to you.
Let this reliable collection of tips, techniques, ideas and lessons be your companion on a sure path to creative fulfillment and better watercolor landscapes.

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